Safer Exploration & Production Operations Company

Mareb Al-Abir Road


As we all know, Safer Oil Company is the centre of benevolence with which our country is proud of.
SAFER is contributing its most in philanthropy in helping the nation and community at this difficult time of war and economic difficulties by employing whatever resources at its disposal for these noble deeds.
Noticeably, these days SAFER Oil Co. is undertaking significant road maintenance works on the road connecting Marib to Al-Abir district.
The Marib - Al-Abir road has been severely damaged resulting in series of life claiming road accidents which leads many to call the route as “Death Road”.
The road maintenance being done by SAFER is expected to reduce the accidents in the help smooth travel, as this road is very significant linking the nation with the neighboring Saudi Arabia and beyond.
Mention need to be made that SAFER has always been present in providing ambulance services when ever accidents occur on this route

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