Safer Exploration & Production Operations Company

Company's Vision, Mission & Values

Company Vision and Mission

In the long run, by adhering to the company’s mission and vision, SEPOC will continue propelling the transformation of the country and improving the lives of ordinary nationals. Similarly, it will continue to be the responsible steward of Yemen treasures as its focus expands from Block 18 to encompass new Blocks with the promise of even discoveries in the Yemeni abundant seas and lands
SEPOC’s mission is 
to Effectively discover and extract Hydrocarbon resources and maximize production in a safe and environmentally friendly manner i.e., to become the steward of Yemen’s Oil and Gas resources through effective discoveries, efficient extraction, and maximized production.

SEPOC’s vision was and is to be the premier oil and gas exploration and Production Company in Yemen.

Our Core Values

Our values guide SEPOC to make the best decisions at an executive level. SEPOC’s core values below act as the foundation of success and ongoing accomplishments. These values include respect, trust, professional Excellence, staff development and growth, integrity, transparency, and accountability together with maintaining high ethical and business standards.