Safer Exploration & Production Operations Company

Oil Wells Maintenance And Rig 101 Move


After being stopped for more than three years the oil wells maintenance rigs, Safer was able to move one of these rigs to resume the necessary maintenance of a number of affected wells.
It is noted that these rigs had stopped initially for security reasons related to the war, followed by financial reasons related to resource scarcity and lack of budget.
In addition, the suspension of oil services companies subcontracted at the beginning of the war after receiving messages from Safer Company to freeze their contracts in accordance with the force majeure .
Due to the stopping of drilling, it was difficult to restore the services of some of these companies in support of maintenance work on the wells  and the size of the work is far below the usual required level.
However, the management of Safer has overcome many of these obstacles and broke the barrier and was able to find alternative ways to transport rig 101 in order to resume the maintenance of wells again.
Happily Rig 101 tower is already on one of the wells of the Alif field.
This is a major step taken by Safer Company to launch the maintenance operations and secure a long list of wells whose mechanical and production efficiency had deteriorated more and more during the period in which the rigs were stopped.