Safer Exploration & Production Operations Company

Company's Vision, Mission & Values

Our Core Values Driving SEPOC's Success

Core Values Driving SEPOC's Success: Upholding Ethics and Business Standards

At SEPOC, our decision-making process is driven by a set of fundamental values that serve as the bedrock of our success and continuous achievements. These core values, including respect, trust, professional excellence, staff development and growth, integrity, transparency, and accountability, are deeply ingrained in our corporate culture and are upheld at all levels of the organization.

Corporate Vision and Mission

"SEPOC: Committed to Sustainable Resource Management and Economic Growth in Yemen"

In the long term, SEPOC remains committed to advancing the transformation of the country and enhancing the lives of its citizens by adhering to the company's mission and vision. As the company's focus expands beyond Block 18 to include new blocks, SEPOC will continue to act as a responsible steward of Yemen's resources, ensuring their preservation and sustainability for future generations.
SEPOC's mission is to effectively discover and extract hydrocarbon resources while maximizing production in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner. The company strives to become the foremost steward of Yemen's oil and gas resources through efficient exploration, extraction, and production.
SEPOC's vision has always been to be the leading oil and gas exploration and production company in Yemen and it remains committed to this goal. By upholding the highest standards of excellence and responsible practices, SEPOC seeks to maintain its position as a premier national company, contributing to the country's economic growth and development.