Safer Exploration & Production Operations Company


SEPOC's Commitment to Employee Safety and Health.

A picture of some of the medical team standing next to the ambulances in the central production unit

At SEPOC, our top priority is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees. We are committed to preventing accidents
and promoting compliance with established safety and health requirements through our environmental, health, safety, fire prevention, and medical practices.
To achieve this objective, we expect complete cooperation from each employee to minimize unsafe conditions, practices, and/or equipment.

On-Site Medical Clinics for Employee Health and Safety

Well-equipped on-site medical clinics staffed by qualified medical professionals are essential for providing timely and effective medical care to employees. At SEPOC, we understand the importance of providing our employees with access to high-quality medical services. We have integrated medical clinics spread over all production sites, staffed by a group of consultant doctors, legally certified nurses, laboratory technicians, and a supportive administrative team. These clinics are equipped with basic diagnostic and treatment equipment, such as examination tables, first aid kits, laboratory equipment, Automated External Defibrillator (AED): a portable device used to treat life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias, Oxygen cylinders with delivery equipment, splints, and braces and sterilization equipment. In addition, we offer medical services to the armed forces and security staff in the surrounding areas when an urgent need arises, as well as provide first aid and treatment for road accident casualties in the nearby areas and on international routes.


Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage for Employees and Their Families

We provide our employees with high-quality internal health insurance coverage for themselves, their families, retirees, and their spouses through a distinguished medical network spread across most governorates of the Republic. This includes hospitals, pharmacies, medical laboratories, radiology, dental, eye, and specialized medical centers. We have also established a medical network abroad in both Egypt and Jordan to provide medical services for cases that require out-of-country treatment.

Establishment of a COVID-19 Testing Center for Personnel Safety.

To ensure the safety of our personnel and the employees of contracting companies in all field sites, we established our center for coronavirus tests during the exacerbation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our laboratory is approved by the Ministry of Health and equipped with the highest modern specifications. In addition to the laboratory's accurate and fast performance, it represents additional protection and safety for all employees from the risk of possible infection due to the frequent use of public laboratories because of the crowding of people reporting to it from all sides.

SEPOC's Comprehensive Occupational Health Program

At SEPOC, our occupational health strategies and plans are in line with HSE policies, company core values, and the overall company business plan. Our occupational health program is the operational and physical appearance of our occupational health policy. Health specialists are assigned to manage the program by planning and implementing coverage of the SEPOC operational environment. We subject all facets of our occupational health policy and program to monitoring and review. These monthly assessments allow us to revise, design, and implement occupational health strategies that anticipate dynamic work environments while providing robust and comprehensive health coverage for our employees.

Commitment to Staying Up to Date with Medical Technology and Methods

Additionally, we recognize the significance of keeping ourselves abreast of the most current developments in medical technology and methods. Therefore, we allocate resources towards continuous training and education for our medical personnel, as well as frequently upgrading our medical equipment and facilities to guarantee that we are delivering the highest quality medical attention to our employees.
In conclusion, at SEPOC, we prioritize the health and safety of our employees above all else. We understand that a well-equipped medical clinic and laboratory are critical for the health and safety of our employees, and we have taken steps to ensure that our employees have access to high-quality medical services. Our occupational health strategies and plans are in line with company policies and values. We subject all facets of our occupational health policy and program to monitoring and review to ensure that we are providing the best possible care for our employees.

To sum up, SEPOC provides extensive healthcare services for its employees and workers

SEPOC's medical section provides comprehensive healthcare services to employees and workers, including those of contracting companies, through modern and well-equipped on-site clinics and a distinguished medical network across most governorates of the Republic. They also offer medical services to armed forces and security staff and provide first aid and treatment for road accident casualties. SEPOC has an integrated internal health insurance plan for employees, retirees, and their families, as well as a medical network abroad for out-of-country treatment. Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, SEPOC established a center for coronavirus tests that ensured accurate and fast testing and minimized the risk of infection.