Safer Exploration & Production Operations Company



To ensure our excellent safety record, SAFER puts priority and investment in the continual maintenance of our FSO facilities.


The Marib-Ras Isa pipeline, leased to and used by oil operations in eastern Yemen, has become the backbone of energy transportation for the country. Completed and Commissioned in 1987, the pipeline is the largest transporter of oil in the country, boasting a daily capacity of 200,000 barrels with a maximum capacity of 400,000 barrels per day.

In 2005 SEPOC was granted enterprise rights to the pipeline and has operated and maintained it for over 8 years.

The pipeline’s journey begins at the SEPOC central processing facility in Marib Province and extends 430.6 km through three pumping stations (the CPU-PS1, Serwah PS2, and Khawlan al-A’aroish- PS3) and two pressure reducing stations (Madiant al-Sharq-PRS1 and Ras Isa-PRS2).

Through this network, SAFER exports oil through the floating storage FSO Safer.

The pipeline ends FSO SAFER, SAFER’s offshore export terminal on the Red Sea.


FSO SAFER, SAFER’s proprietary floating storage and offloading vessel, is the terminus for oil produced at Block 18 and transported through the Marib-Ras-Isa pipeline logistics chain. Through our FSO, SAFER operates its maritime domestic distribution and international export operations. Located 4.8 nautical miles offshore of Ras Isa in the Red Sea, FSO SAFER was commissioned in 1987 as a converted single hull super tanker coupled with a single point mooring (SPM) station. The FSO, measuring 360 meter long and 70 meters wide, has a holding capacity of 409,000 DWT(accepts alongside and tandem mooring, and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, weather permitting.


Due to the hazardous marine and offloading work environment, SEPOC prescribes and adheres to disciplined safety standards.

These standards are paramount to keeping SEPOC’s employees out of harms away and have been very successful, reflecting an excellent safety record. Here are some of FSO SAFER’s safety accolades:  No service interruptions: continuous storage and transportation since commission (weather permitting).

No single cargo dispute; always respecting international standards, No demurrage paid by SEPOC; keeping all involved equipment in certified and up-to-date condition. Mistakes in quantities: 0, Mistakes in B/Ls: 0, Mistakes in documents: 0