Safer Exploration & Production Operations Company


In November 2005, SAFER was granted exclusive enterprise rights to Yemen's premier Block 18.
Responding to the entitlement of this monumental responsibility, SAFER initiated a program tasked with creating and implementing all future-focused development visions, including projects and partnerships.
This program evolved into the Development Department, one of SAFER's core departments, which is exclusively operated by Yemeni nationals.
The Development Department's dedicated and competent staff is selected from a pool of Yemen's top university graduates, many of whom have studied internationally.
They are provided with state-of-the-art facilities, hardware, and software; and ancillary services to ensure their projects are safe, successful, and compliant.
The Development Department's goals as of 2013 Continuing revision and implementation of the development policy. Integrating with other departments to reduce inefficiencies and boost output. Continuing gas delivery to the YLNG power plant.
Arranging subcontractors for services related to field development, surveys, auditing, and data acquisition. Updating staff via technical training, workshops, and domestic and international conferences.

Exploration Department

The Exploration Department in Safer Company is engaged in oil and gas exploration operations in Sector 18. The department has achieved significant accomplishments, including the establishment of a comprehensive database for geological, geophysical, and petrophysical information since the beginning of exploration activities in the sector in the year 1981

Exploration & Development Department (E&D)

Since the foundation of the Department of Field Development, a qualified technical team of national experts has been prepared. This team includes geophysicists, geologists, Petro physicists, and reservoir and production engineers. ...