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"Improving Quality of Life at SEPOC: Company Launches Sports, and Entertainment Activities for Employees in the Field"

SEPOC Recreation and Athletics Committee with some participants in the company's marathon race.

SEPOC Company has always been committed to the well-being of its employees, and this commitment has been further strengthened with the re-activation of sports and entertainment activities for its employees in the field. The company recognizes that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce, and it has taken this step to ensure that its employees are not only physically fit but also mentally healthy.

The revival of these activities is a testament to the company's dedication to creating a positive work environment and enhancing the quality of life of its employees. By engaging in sports and entertainment activities, employees can reduce stress levels, improve their physical health, and enhance their overall well-being. In addition to promoting employee satisfaction, the company believes that providing such activities will create a more cohesive and engaged workforce, leading to increased productivity and a positive work environment. Additionally, these activities will strengthen employee social relationships. By engaging in these activities together, employees can build stronger bonds and a sense of friendship.

To make this program successful and lifelong, SEPOC has formed a committee called the "SEPOC Recreation and Athletics Committee," comprising several volunteers (employees) who will organize and take care of all these events. This committee is fully supported by upper management and has also been assigned to recommend proper awards and prizes for participants. The committee communicates with employees via special WhatsApp groups and has launched a campaign accompanied by several sports and entertainment events for employees.

To ensure that its employees have a fulfilling work experience, the committee has surveyed all staff to gather feedback on the types of sports and entertainment activities they are interested in participating in. The survey serves the purpose of identifying the activities that employees would like to see offered, allowing the company to provide appropriate facilities to meet their needs. SEPOC's effort to collect employees' opinions on their preferences and needs is commendable and shows that the company values its employees' input.

SEPOC provides various sports and entertainment facilities for its employees in the field, such as well-equipped gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, football playing grounds, and recreation halls equipped with table tennis, billiards, foosball, chess, and other games. The provision of these well-equipped facilities for employees in the field is a testament to the company's commitment to its employees' well-being.

In summary, SEPOC's initiatives to promote sports and entertainment activities provide employees with various options to engage in physical activities and enjoy their leisure time. This can help reduce stress levels and improve their overall well-being. Moreover, the committee spreads teaching materials like posts and short videos on every special world event, such as Environment Day, World No Tobacco Day, Safety Day, Traffic Day, and more. Additionally, they arrange special activities like planting hundreds of trees all over the company premises on an environmental day, cleaning all yards, and broadcasting teaching videos using big screens in the mess hall and training classes.

In conclusion, SEPOC's efforts to provide sports and entertainment activities for its employees in the field are commendable. The formation of a committee comprising employees to organize and take care of these activities is a positive step towards promoting a positive work environment. The company's efforts to spread teaching materials and organize special activities at special world events also show its commitment to promoting a healthy and sustainable work environment. All in all, this initiative is a win-win situation for both the company and its employees, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on everyone involved.

SEPOC Recreation and Athletics Committee
Abdullah Al-Hashedi