Safer Exploration & Production Operations Company


The Medical Department at SEPOC- The responsibilities and duties:


 Medical Sction at  SEPOC

1-  Providing excellent and complete health care to all the company’s employees and workers, in addition to those of the contracting companies, through up-to-date and well-equipped integrated medical clinics spread over all production sites. Medical services are provided by a group of consultant doctors, legally certified nurses, laboratory technicians, and a supportive administrative team.

2- offering medical services to the armed forces and security staff in the surrounding areas, in addition to providing first aid and treatment for road accident casualties in the nearby areas and on the international routes.

3-Adopting high-quality integrated internal health insurance for employees and their families, retirees, and their wives via providing the best medical services through a distinguished medical network spread in most governorates of the Republic. This includes hospitals, pharmacies, medical laboratories, radiology, dental, eye, and specialized medical centers.

4- Approving a medical network abroad in both Egypt and Jordan to provide medical services for cases that require out-of-country treatment.

5- To ensure the safety of its personnel and the employees of contracting companies in all field sites, during the exacerbation of the covid-19 over the past two years, SAFER established its center for coronavirus tests. approved by the Ministry of Health and equipped with the highest modern specifications.In addition to the laboratory’s accurate and fast performance, the laboratory represented additional protection and safety for all employees from the risk of possible infection due to the frequent use of public laboratories because of the crowding of people reporting to it from all sides

Health Policy

It is the objective of safer exploration and production operations company (SEPOC) to prevent accidents in its operations and to provide a safe and healthful working Environment for all its employees.
This objective will be carried out in accordance with company requirements and other applicable standards relative to environmental, health, safety, fire prevention and medical practices, to accomplish this objective;
SEPOC management expects full and complete cooperation from each employee minimize unsafe conditions, practices and/or equipment.

Company responsibilities:
The company will end over to:
1. Evaluate facilities, processes and operations to promote compliance with established safety and health requirements.
2. Control hazardous operations, materials and facilities.
3. Establish sound safety and health programs, standards, requirements and practices.
4. Motivate and train employees relative to safe and healthful working practices.
5. Provide necessary equipment, clothing and services required for the protection of employees and prevention of personal injury.

Integrated Approach

SEPOC occupational health policy is comprised of four integrated platforms representing a unified and comprehensive approach to employee health.
Each platform compliments, reinforces, and sustains its counterparts in a system designed to offer complete occupational health coverage to all SAFER employees.

Strategy and Plan

SEPOC's occupational health strategies and plans are required to be in line with HSSE policies, company core values, and the overall company business plan.

Program Implementation

The occupational health program is the operational and physical manifestation of SEPOC occupational health policy.

This program is supervised and conducted by health professionals and is the interaction point for face-to-face contact between patients and medical professionals.


Health specialists are assigned by SEPOC to manage the occupational health program by planning and implementing coverage of SEPOC  operational environment.

Monitoring and Review

All facets of the occupational health policy and program are subject to monitor and review.

These monthly assessments allow SEPOC to revise, design, and implement occupational health strategies that anticipate dynamic work environments, while providing robust and comprehensive health coverage for its employees.