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SEPOC Operations
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   Plant Operations

Plant Operations operates all gas processing through compressors and plants.
This department consists of two CPU cryogenic plants and a CPU RGC area.
CPU lean oil plant & LPG area are managed by several operators headed by a plant foreman.
Two CPU and two KPU cryogenic plants are managed by operators who report to plant foremen and supervisors.
Al-Raja compressors are managed by several operators that report to the KPU supervisor.
All area supervisors report to the plant operations superintendent who manages all plants operations through his supervisors and foremen.

   Plant Operations (Gas Processing)

Plant Operations operates all gas processing through compressors and plants.
This department consists of Gas Plant I and lean oil plant; Gas Plant II (new cryogenic plant) has been built and commissioned Mid-2012 and a CPU RGC area.
The Gas Plant I & II residue gas is exported to YLNG. 
The downstream residue gas of the Gas Plant II compressed to 1750 Psig to export gas to YLNG pipeline and PEC with no option for gas re-injection. 
To supply gas to CPU-II, SEPOC built an HP Manifold and four high pressure separators.

   CPU Lean Oil plant & RGC's

The lean oil C5+ plant (commissioned in 1988) is an ambient oil plant which can recover approximately 3,000 BPD of LPG and 6,000 BPD of C5+ from the inlet flow of 500 MMSCFD of rich natural gas, this plant also include a 10,000 BPD condensate stabilizer which was added in 1991.

The reinjection gas compressor (RGC’s) consist of two groups, the first group consist of four (16,000 BHP each) gas turbine driven centrifugal compressors with four stages of compression. The 1st stage of each RGC unit is designed to boost 20MMMSCFD of gas from 250 to 660 PSIG. The 2nd stage boost is from 660 to 1060 PSIG and is designed for 60 MMSCFD. The 3rd and the 4th stages boost from 1060 to 1975 to 3500 PSIG and are rated at 150 MMSCFD each. The second group consists of two gas turbine driven centrifugal compressors (25,560 BHP each) with three stages of compression, all three stages are rated of 200MMSCFD; and each compressor compresses the gas from 550 to 3300 PSIG.

There are three recovery compressors (VRC’s) each having 1,500 BHP electric motor which driven a two stage centrifugal compressor, they compress the gas from 2 to 250 PSIG. The capacity of each unit has a first stage capacity of 5.3 MMSCFD and a second stage capacity of 13 MMSCFD.

The facility provides all of its own electric power. There are three 13,000 KW (13 Mega watts) electric generators units driven by 16,000 BHP gas turbine.

   CPU Cryogenic Plant

The cryogenic C5+ plant operating at a design temperature of -70F, will recover approximately 10,450 BPD of LPG and 3,650 BPD of C5+ from an inlet flow of 420 MMSCFD of rich natural gas.

LPG product goes to the LPG loading rack while C5+ product goes into the crude line. 

The lean gas from the plant, being compressed to about 567 PSIG the compressor side of the expander, goes to the 1st stage of the second group of RGC’s, this group consists of two (25,560 BHP each) gas turbine driven centrifugal compressors with three stages are rated for 200 MMSCFD for each compressor and compress the gas from 518 PSIG to 3520 PSIG

   CPU-II Cryogenic Plant

During Phase 2 a new cryogenic plant (CP-II) was built at the CPU and commissioned around mid-2012.
The plant was designed to process 420 MMSCFD of gas. The new plant has one GE-NP frame 56 turbines powering two stages of gas re-compression to compress the Plant residue gas from 500 psig to 1750 psig for delivery into the LNG pipeline via CPU-KPU transfer line.

   KPU Facilities

The KPU is located in the Kamil field which is about 25 km east of the CPU; The KPU facility handles more than 1,100 MMSCFD of gas in the production separators. 
The KPU has two 420 MMSCFD cryogenic plants. 
Most of the gas from the production separators is processed in the two cryogenic plants prior to YLNG gas delivery. Otherwise it will go to injection wells through the injection manifolds.
The KPU has two cryogenic plants the design of the two KPU cryogenic plants are identical to the CPU cryogenic plant. Each cryogenic plant has two NUOVO PIGNONE Frame 5 turbines powering 3 stages of recompression.

There are four generators (2750 kW each), 800 kW diesel generator, water wells, living quarters, sewage treatment plant and necessary facilities

   AL-Raja Facility

Al Raja facility was producing condensate and cycling 750 MMSCFD of gas. 
About 400 MMSCD of the produced gas is processed at Al Raja in the two low temperature separators (LTS). 
The residue gas from the LTS units is recompressed for reinjection from 1600 PSIG to 5400 PSIG by a NUOVO PIGNONE compressor driven by a NUOVO PIGNONE Frame 5 turbine. 
The other 350 MMSCFD along with the condensate Al Raja facility is going to KPU-Al-raja slug catcher and then go with KPU production to the cryogenic gas plant, the discharge pressure from the NUOVO PIGNONE compressor drop to 4000 PSIG because of the of considerable drop in the reservoir pressure due to lack of pressure support caused by YLNG gas delivery that led to significant reduction in gas injection into Al-Raja area fields.

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