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About us

A brief history

"SEPOC: Yemen's Premier National Oil and Gas Company Driving Economic Growth and Sustainability"

SAFER Exploration & Production Operations Company (SEPOC) is Yemen's premier national oil and gas company, with a global reputation for excellence. The discovery of oil in Yemen in the early 1980s marked the beginning of a new era in the country's economic development. This discovery was made by a foreign company, Yemen Hunt Oil Company (YHOC), which operated under a 20-year production-sharing agreement with Yemen. At that time, Yemen had no experience in the national oil industry, and there was a shortage of qualified Yemeni staff with basic resources and technical exploration and production techniques.
Despite these challenges, the Yemeni government rose to the occasion and began providing scholarships to a significant number of nationals, enabling them to attend well-recognized petroleum colleges abroad. Furthermore, local petroleum colleges and institutes were established in Yemen, such as Aden and Hadramout Universities. Yemeni petroleum engineers and technicians worked alongside their American counterparts, proving to be valuable assets to SAFER (YHOC Company at that time)
After the 20-year agreement ended, SAFER confidently took over the existing production fields of Block 18 in Mareb, the largest commercial oil block in Yemen to date. Since 2005, SAFER has achieved numerous remarkable goals and played a crucial role in Yemen's economic growth. The company has fulfilled its role as a steward of the unique abundance of Block 18, delivered the critical inputs for Yemen's LNG power plants (Liquified Natural Gas), and injected billions of dollars into the Yemeni economy.
SAFER's future looks promising and bright, building on its past successes. The company remains committed to its core values of safety, integrity, and sustainability in all its operations. SAFER's team of highly skilled professionals strives to uphold the highest standards of excellence in the oil and gas industry while working to minimize the impact on the environment and local communities.
SEPOC is the exclusive supplier of natural gas and LPG in Yemen, playing a crucial role in sustaining the country's operations and fueling its future growth. The provision of LPG to the Yemen Gas Company for household use is a significant example of this, as is the Mareb-based 360-megawatt power station, which relies entirely on SEPOC for its fuel supply.
SAFER is dedicated to achieving its long-term objectives, including expanding its production capacity and exploring new reserves. The company is also committed to investing in the development of local talent, providing training and employment opportunities to Yemeni nationals, and contributing to the country's economic and social development.
In conclusion, SAFER is proud to be Yemen's leading national oil and gas company, and it remains committed to delivering value to its backers, including the Yemeni government, its partners, and the local communities. The company's achievements to date speak for themselves, and its future looks bright and prosperous.

Company’s Logo Philosophy

The company's logo is an important representation of its values and philosophy, reflecting its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence.
The Company’s logo is designed to convey a deep connection with the earth and a commitment to responsible resource management. The rounded shape of the logo represents the planet, which is the source of the oil and gas that Safer extracts and produces. The life cycle is also represented by the shape, as it signifies that the things we consume eventually return to the earth and can be used again.
The drop inside the logo symbolizes the primary product of the company, oil. It represents the importance of oil and gas in our daily lives and the vital role that the company plays in the energy industry.
The upper part of the logo features a plant, which represents the company's commitment to sustainable development in various fields such as urban, agricultural, and commercial. Safer Company recognizes the importance of balancing economic growth with environmental responsibility, and the plant symbolizes this commitment.
The logo's color palette consists of light brown and red, mixed to create a serious and down-to-earth color reflecting material wealth and power. Black is also used in the logo, representing the hidden treasures beneath the earth's surface and the oil color. Finally, green is included in the logo as a symbol of life, nature, and the environment, as well as finance, banking, and ambition.
Overall, the company’s logo is a powerful representation of the company's values and philosophy. It symbolizes Safer’s commitment to responsible resource management and sustainable development while conveying its expertise in the energy industry. Through its logo, Safer demonstrates its dedication to excellence, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

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Our Performance.

SEPOC holds exclusive enterprise rights to Yemen's premier Block 18, which has enabled us to become the largest producer of natural gas and the second-largest producer of oil in the country. In less than a decade, we have established ourselves as a key nation-building partner and a significant contributor to Yemen's gross income. Our operations have been a driving force behind the nation's modernization and self-sufficiency program, with a focus on meeting domestic energy requirements. The Yemeni economy heavily relies on the revenues generated by SEPOC.
As Yemen's only supplier of natural gas and LPG, SEPOC plays a crucial role in keeping the nation running and powering it for the future. Our contributions are evident in the reliable supply of LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) to the Yemen Gas Company, which distributes cooking gas for domestic consumption, as well as the 360-megawatt power station in Mareb that entirely depends on SEPOC for fuel.
We take great pride in our performance and our commitment to the development of Yemen's energy sector. Our efforts have not only supported the country's energy needs but have also contributed to its economic growth and social progress. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions to Yemen and beyond.

Our Employees


SEPOC is committed to enhancing its human capital by implementing innovative and equal opportunity programs to recruit and retain Yemeni talents across various fields. As a result, over 97% of our workforce is Yemeni. Our top priority is to ensure career development in line with the goal of excellence.
SAFER has emerged as Yemen's leading national upstream and midstream operator. Our success is attributed to our professional staff, who possess the capability, competency, and qualifications to accomplish upstream and midstream operations while effectively competing with domestic and international oil and gas companies in Yemen.
At SAFER, we recognize the importance of our employees as our most vital asset. We have put in place a robust employment policy that protects our employees and fosters a conducive work environment where they can grow, unleash their creativity, and advance based purely on merit and performance.
We also prioritize the occupational health and safety of our employees by implementing health monitoring, assessment, and prevention measures. In addition, we provide our employees with university-level classroom training to promote the latest developments in safety, security, and environmental awareness.

Employee-Employer Relationship

SEPOC: Prioritizing Employee Success and Well-being in the Oil and Gas Industry"

When SAFER hires a new employee, we are not only gaining a new member of our workforce but also embarking on a new relationship of mutual reliance. Our success depends on our employees' ability to perform their jobs and keep our business running smoothly.
To achieve our goal of being the best in the oil and gas industry, SAFER aims to attract and retain the most talented employees who are qualified, dedicated, and seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career with a growing organization. We follow an equal opportunity paradigm and offer employment to all Yemeni citizens, regardless of region, gender, or age.
Our compensation package includes an attractive and competitive base salary that is commensurate with job requirements and responsibilities. To ensure fairness, we use an international benchmark evaluation system to determine the pay grade for each job.
Once hired, our employees work in an open and productive environment where they can reach their full potential and advance based on merit and performance. We provide performance monitoring and university-level training to help them stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments.
To ensure our employees' safety, health, and welfare, we offer extensive healthcare benefits under our occupational health policy. All employees and their eligible dependents have full and free access to SAFER's medical clinics, staffed by company doctors for basic and routine medical needs. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive medical plan that covers out-of-country treatments for all staff and their eligible dependents.
At SAFER, we believe that our employees are our most valuable assets, and we are committed to retaining them. We achieve high staff retention by adhering to strict ethical business practices, providing competitive salaries, performance monitoring and training, and robust healthcare benefits. We prioritize fair, transparent, and honest treatment of all employees.
In summary, SAFER is dedicated to building a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with our employees. We aim to attract and retain the best talent in the oil and gas industry and provide them with a safe and productive work environment, competitive compensation, and comprehensive healthcare benefits. As we continue to grow and expand, we remain committed to our employee’s success and well-being.