Safer Exploration & Production Operations Company


Our Presence- A brief history of SAFER

SAFER Exploration & Production Operations Company, known globally as SAFER, is Yemen's leading national oil and gas Company. Oil was discovered for the first time in Yemen in the early 1980s. Discoveries were made by a foreign company through a process of a 20-year production-sharing agreement with Yemen. This company was known as YHOC (Yemen Hunt Oil Company). At that time Yemen still had not been exposed to the national oil industry and no Yemeni staff was acquired with even the basic resources and technical exploration and production techniques. The Yemeni government, however, accepted the challenge and started qualifying an adequate number of nationals by granting them scholarships to well-recognized petroleum colleges. Not only this but also establishing local petroleum colleges and institutes in Yemen such as Aden and Hadramout Universities. Most of the Yemeni petroleum engineers and technicians who worked along with the Americans proved to be of great assets to YHUNT Company. After the end of the 20-year agreement, SEPOC confidently took over the existing production fields of Block 18 in Mareb, the largest commercial oil block in Yemen so far.
From 2005 to the present SAFER has created, set, and achieved many remarkable goals. During SAFER's tenure, the company has provided stewardship for the unique abundance of Block 18; delivered the critical inputs for Yemen's LNG power plants; and injected billions of dollars into the Yemeni economy. Given past successes, SAFER's future looks productive, healthy, and bright.

Our Performance

With exclusive enterprise rights to Yemen's premier Block 18, SEPOC has grown into the largest producer of natural gas and the second largest producer of oil in the country. In less than a decade, SEPOC became a key nation-building partner and a significant contributor to Yemen’s gross income. It turned out to be a driver for the nation’s modernization and self-sufficiency program, focusing on meeting domestic energy requirements. In other words, the Yemeni economy is heavily relying on the revenues SEPOC generates.
As Yemen’s sole supplier of natural gas and LPG, SEPOC keeps the nation running and powers it for the future. The most compelling evidence is the LPG supply to the Yemen Gas Company which in turn distributes cooking gas for domestic consumption. Another illustration is the 360-megawatt power station in Mareb which entirely depends on SEPOC for fuel.

Our Employees

SEPOC has been working tirelessly to enhance its human capital by putting in place innovative and equal opportunity programs to ensure recruiting and retaining of Yemeni talents in various majors. Practically now over 97% of the SEPOC workforce is Yemeni. By the same token, SEPOC’s priority is to ensure career development in line with the goal of excellence.
SAFER has grown into Yemen's leading national upstream & midstream operator. Our professional staff ensures SAFER is the only Yemeni company of its kind that has the capability, competency, and qualifications to accomplish upstream & midstream operations while successfully competing with domestic and international oil and gas companies in Yemen.
To achieve this success SAFER is devoted to the growth and development of our most vital asset: human resources. Critical to our success and growth, our employees are protected by a varied and robust employment policy. Through this policy, we provide our employees with an open and conducive work environment where they can grow into their potential, harness their creativity, and advance purely on merit and performance.

We also take all necessary measures to protect and promote the occupational health of our employees through health monitoring, assessment, and prevention.
Finally, we provide our employees with a university-level classroom advantage, promoting the most current training on safety, security, and environmental awareness

Employee-Employer Relationship

When hiring a new employee, SAFER is not just bringing a new member of the workforce board, but also starting a new mutual reliance relationship. SAFER is relying upon the employees to perform their job and, in doing so, keep the business running smoothly.

To provide the best returns for our company, to facilitate the most advanced exploration and production techniques, and to give back the most to our communities and environment, SAFER aspires to have the best-talented employees in the oil and gas industry, qualified, and dedicated professionals: people who desire a fulfilling and rewarding career with a growing organization. Our recruitment process is guided by the equal opportunity paradigm: All Yemeni citizens, regardless of region, gender, or age, are eligible for employment with SAFER.

To attract potential employees, our compensation package offers an attractive, competitive base salary that is commensurate with the job requirements and responsibilities. In order to pursue fairness, SAFER implements an international benchmark evaluation system that has been used and implemented worldwide to determine the pay grade each job qualifies.

Once hired, we provide staff with an open and productive work environment where they can fully realize their potential and advance purely on merit and performance. We also provide performance monitoring and up-to-date training instructed in a rigorous, university-level environment.

In addition to the work and training environment, one of the most important tenants of SAFER's employee model is our emphasis on safety, health, and welfare and commitment to our employees, we provide extensive healthcare benefits to our staff through our occupational health policy.

All employees and their eligible independents are given full and free access to the SAFER's medical clinics staffed by company doctors for their basic and routine medical needs.

In addition, SAFER provides a full and comprehensive medical plan to its entire staff and their eligible independents, which includes in and out-of-country treatments. As we believe SAFER's most valuable assets are our employees, the next step is to ensure staff retention.

In conjunction with a competitive salary, performance monitoring and training, and robust health benefits, SAFER achieves high staff retention by adhering to strict standards of ethical business practices for our employees. We truly are committed to the fair, transparent, and honest treatment of all employees.