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SEPOC Security

SEPOC recognizes that security is crucial to a robust health, safety, and environment policy. With this in mind, we put primacy on safeguarding our employees, business partners, operational presence, and logistic networks.
To ensure vigilant protection we have designed a security policy that is both comprehensive and in line with our core values. Thus, regardless of the complexities associated with a security program, SAFER does its best to implement a respectful, sustainable, and effective security program.

   Our 10-point security plan:

1. The security and protection of SEPOC constituency must be the main priority.

2. Security policies and procedures must be implemented according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, national and international laws.

3. Line management must be continually aware of and take responsibility for the security
      aspects of its business activities.
      Security programs and resources must reflect this commitment.
4. Prevention, not reaction, must be the first priority. Threat analysis and risk evaluation should be carried out on a continuous basis.

5. Preparedness is essential to diminish incidents rapidly and effectively. Response plans must be developed and verified to deal with assessed risks.

6. Security measures and procedures must be submitted for regular inspections, validations, and verifications by security specialists to ensure SEPOC standards are met.

7. Appropriate training plans, recruitment and contracting procedures must be established and implemented.

8. All incidents, including security breaches and irregularities must
      be reported and recorded. Corrective action should be taken and verified to improve the overall security standard.

9. Generally, industrial security guards are used by SAFER. However armed guards from the army and security forces are used when necessary in order to manage the risk.
     Armed guards must be selected carefully, trained regularly and supervised closely.

10. Taking into account the need to introduce security measures to protect its employees and properties, SAFER nonetheless makes every effort to minimize the impact of these measures on local communities.

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