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Exploration & Development
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Exploration Development

The Exploration Department’s primary objective is searching for new hydrocarbon resource in Block 18 and Block 20 with the intent to increase oil and gas reserves.

To complete this objective, SAFER has designed and utilized a strategic roadmap

Guided by a three-step process:

·         reevaluating previous survey data,
·         evaluating new data, and
·         Harnessing sophisticated long-term projections.

Since 2005, this comprehensive data analyses, produced using the latest technology and scientific methods, Has allowed SEPOC to seismically survey over 16,000 sq. km2 in two-dimensions and 1500 km2 in three -dimensions from Block 18 and Block 20.

The most recent addition to SEPOC’s data bank is the addition of 2926 km2 of three-dimensional seismic survey in Block 18, covering the southern, western & north-eastern parts of the block. These impressive data analyses reveal information about all geophysical stratum that SAFER might encounter during exploration.

For example, seismic surveys have discovered new basement formations and fracture reservoirs in the Seen , Lam, Shura, Meem and Alif fields. Stratum encountered at these locations includes sand, shale, and granite, which SEPOC proactively manages. Through these surveys, SEPOC exploration engineers are able to link many different types of adjacent reservoirs, including tight and unconventional, while also monitoring migration to potential reservoir traps. It is this information that guides the exploration teams and long-term projections while also giving new life to older wells. For example, by reanalyzing two-dimensional petro-physics surveys for exhausted wells using cutting-edge three-dimensional AVO seismic inversion techniques, SEPOC is able to reopen closed wells for new vertical and horizontal drilling. The end result is systematic reassessment of over 600 current, dormant, and abandoned wells, which aims to capture all possible hydrocarbon resources. Current evaluation and reassessment addresses areas such as the Alif and Sean sand reservoirs including Wadi Saba, West Noqum, South Noqum, Slob, West Jabal Barat, South-East Raydan; and their periphery, including north & south of Raydan, east and west of Meem, south of South Yazen, and west of Al-Raja. SEPOC’s Exploration Department, driven by a cadre of internationally trained Yemeni citizens, prepares these analyses for a diverse set of affiliated parties. Such parties include SEPOC’s own engineering and drilling departments, Block 18 and 20 utility operators, international contactors, geological agencies, governmental ministries, and domestic joint venture firms. It’s easy to see, given the information potential and multiparty utilization, that SEPOC’s analyses are an invaluable asset to the future of Yemen’s hydrocarbon industry.


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